Work Sampling Software

Work Sampling, Fixed Time and Random Moment Sampling Software

Why use our work sampling solutions?

  • Fixed time or random moment sampling intervals
  • Support for observer or self-administered sampling
  • Support for sampling administered by e-mail
  • Seamless integration with Excel
  • Optional real-time sync & viewing of sampled data
  • Powerful and customizable statistical reporting
  • Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Web
  …trusted by thousands of organizations world-wide!

Work Sampling Software for All Your Needs

Having the right work sampling solution can make all the difference in the success of your sampling projects.  With our extensive suite of work sampling tools, and proven track record of many successful projects, we can assist you with every stage of your sampling project. Whether you want to sample users using smartphones/tablets to record samples, a web interface, or even run an e-mail sampling campaign, we can help.  And, deploying your work sampling projects is easy whether you are dealing with a local group of a few employees, or a workforce of 1,000s of geographically distributed participants or groups.

Our Customers

Our customers include thousands of users and organizations in USA, Europe and world-wide.  Here is a small sample of some of our customers:
Progressive Insurance
Dean Foods
Home Depot
Big Lots
Hormel Foods
Bon Ton Stores
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Over 20% of Fortune 500 companies rely on and use WorkStudy+.

Accurate collection of fixed time or random moment sampling data

With our time study and work sampling software, getting a sampling project off the ground is easy.  Whether you are using external observers or have your staff self-record their samples, WorkStudy+ can do it.  WorkStudy+ can also handle studies with 1000s of participants located anywhere in the world, and allows you to easily deploy your sampling project to the participants, as well as aggregate collected samples for real-time viewing and analysis.

Easy to learn intuitive user interface

Our software has been designed to be easy to set up and use.  Best of all, you get real-time visual feedback of all your timing and sampling data as you are collecting it.

Seamless integration with Excel

Our work sampling software is integrated into Excel, so that all collected data can be imported directly into the tool that everyone uses for data analysis.

Powerful customizable statistical reports

The reporting functionality of our software is also built directly on top of Excel, allowing you to instantly generate a variety of pre-built reports.  And for those special or custom needs, WorkStudy+ allows you to create customized report templates.

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