WorkStudy+ Time Study Converter

WorkStudy+ is a full-featured work measurement tool that allows you to collect time study and work sampling data on  iOS or Android tablets / smartphones, and import the collected data into Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

The professional version of WorkStudy+ comes packaged with the tools to import your study data directly on your PC, as well as with powerful tools for statistical analysis and reporting – all built into Excel. If you would like to try these professional tools, please request a FREE TRIAL.

Converting or Importing Study Files with Personal Edition of WorkStudy+

To convert your collected study data into a Microsoft Excel workbook using the free personal version of WorkStudy+, please use the below form to submit your study files. Upon submission of a valid file you will receive an e-mail with the converted Excel workbook attached to it. The conversion process only takes a few seconds and the reply e-mail will be sent to you immediately.

Please note that this conversion service is provided only for personal and educational data collection. Use of this service for organizational, corporate, consulting or for-profit use is strictly prohibited. Any element lists or collected study data submitted to Quetech using this service may be used by Quetech for any purpose whatsoever, including publishing or publicly sharing of the submitted information.

* Email address:
* Study file name:
This must be a valid WorkStudy+ study file (with a .WSX extension) that has been copied from your iOS or Android device to the PC. Copying of study files can be done by use of file sharing services like Dropbox, or by e-mailing the study files to your PC from inside of WorkStudy+ on the device.



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