Best Work Measurement Software

Our work measurement software is the complete solution for performing all of your Time Studies and Work Sampling projects.  Available on Android, iOS, Windows and Web.

Work Measurement Software for iOS and Android with Excel

What you can do with our Work Measurement Solutions

Our work measurement solutions are designed for all types of timing and sampling data collection.  Designed to be easy to use, extremely flexible for even the most challenging time study or random moment sampling projects, and great for individual, as well as team collaboration use.

Best of all, our software integrates directly with Excel, and allows seamless data transfer, analysis and reporting.

Time Studies

Easily perform any types of time studies, including manufacturing studies, as well as simple or complex service sector studies.  You can even time study multiple subjects or processes at the same time.

Queueing Studies

Complex studies that require tracking of queuing processes such as airport passenger arrivals or patient arrivals can easily be conducted.

Web-based Sampling

Web-based self-administered time studies or sampling studies can be deployed to large work groups without requiring extra hardware or software installations on end users’ computers.

Work Sampling

Easily perform external observer fixed time or random time sampling studies, or set up self-administered sampling studies that require no external observers allowing you to sample large populations of 100’s of workers at the same time.

E-mail Sampling

Configure and conduct sampling studies that can be deployed over e-mail, requiring no software installations or IT department involvement on end users’ computers.

Other Data Collection

Our tools can also collect additional information, including extra notes, specialized form data entry and other types of data collection.  Contact us to see how we can help.

Accurate collection of time study and sampling data

With our time study software, collecting accurate data is easy.  The customizable element grid allows you to switch timing activities with a single click. Mistakes or wrong selections can also be corrected instantly.

Easy to learn intuitive user interface

Our software has been designed to be easy to set up and use.  Best of all, you get real-time visual feedback of all your timing and sampling data as you are collecting it.

Picking Time Study for iOS and Android - WorkStudy+

Seamless integration with Excel

Our time study software is integrated into Excel, so that all collected data can be imported directly into the tool that everyone uses for data analysis.

Powerful customizable statistical reports

The reporting functionality of our software is also built directly on top of Excel, allowing you to instantly generate a variety of pre-built reports.  And for those special or custom needs, our time study software allows you to create customized report templates.

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