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WorkStudy+ Features


Feature Overview

WorkStudy+ has been designed to be easy to learn and use, and yet packed with powerful features to handle any work measurement data collection project. Here are just some of the reasons why WorkStudy+ is the right tool for your organization:

Accurate collection of time study and sampling data
No need to manually transcribe data to PC
Easy to learn intuitive user interface
Seamless integration with Excel
Powerful and customizable statistical reporting
Available for Android, Windows Mobile and Tablet PCs

Data Collection Features

WorkStudy+ has the data collection features that allow virtually unlimited flexibility in what is collected and how it is collected:

Record unlimited number of observations
Time study multiple subjects at the same time
Performance rate (speed rate) individual observations
Track numeric unit counts and job cycles
Track value added and non-value added time for lean analysis
Automate selection of successive elements for repetitive studies
Enter verbose comments for any recorded observation
Interrupt and resume any recorded observation
Use built-in random timers for random sampling studies
Collect auditing information, even during a time study
View and edit any recorded observation at any time
View statistical information about collected data at any time, even during a study

Setup and Analysis Features

Setting up studies and analyzing recorded data in WorkStudy+ is quick and easy:

Create, edit and manage any number of time studies and sampling studies
Create or edit element (task) lists on the PC or on directly on the handheld device
Assign meaningful names and descriptions to your elements (tasks)
Visually identify individual elements by configuring colors, fonts and layout
Organize elements and element groups within element lists in a hierarchical fashion
Easily standardize and share element lists among team members and handheld devices
Import completed studies directly into Excel or Access for further analysis
Generate custom statistical reports within Excel in seconds